Videos from the Concert

Bosna Muslim Media has several videos up from the concert “Gaza u mom srcu” (see a few posts down for overall review).  When I saw the concert again on TV, I noticed they cut a lot of performances.  I wonder why.  Here are some that I liked:

Sead Zele Lipovača i Kenan Mačković – Palestino, dušo čista!

Hafiz Aziz Alili – Šehidi

Enes Begović – Šehidski rastanak

Burhan Šaban – Dođi najdraži

Hafiz Sulejman Bugari – Al Tawba 38

Hamza Ražnatović – Dosta mi je Allah moj

Enes Ukić – Zvao bih Te Gospodaru

Keep an eye on the site; I think they are still adding more!


2 responses to “Videos from the Concert

  1. bosnamuslimmedia


    you can find all my videos from this concert on my youtube channel. (video list: )

    But they will be also soon on the bmm page.

  2. Hvala! Thanks for posting them!

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