Islam in Prague; Resources for Muslims

This is a growing database on mosques, shops, restaurants, etc. in  Prague.  (I’ve only reviewed the ones I’ve been to.) Let me know if you have any recommendations!  As I am no longer in Prague, I can’t really answer too many questions (and most of them are out of my line anyway). If you want to talk to someone who is living in Prague, please visit this page on facebook:

* I am not a travel agent, and no, I don’t have the email addresses of the Egyptian, Pakistan, etc. communities.  And since I was living there, I don’t know too much about hotels – is pretty good though.


Islamic Center of Prague

Blatská 1491 (take metro to Černy most)

I went recently, seems like a good community!  Right now juma khutba starts at 1:00, and there are prayer areas for men and women, and a small play area for children.  I think there are other activities, but I have not yet attended any.

Mosque in Prague City Center

14 Politických vězňů Street, Praha 1 (take metro to Muzeum)

This is a prayer area in a large building.  There are prayer areas for men and women, but the women’s prayer area is sometimes not available for juma prayers, and even if it is available, it is difficult to hear the khutba in there.  I would recommend that ladies attend juma at the other mosque.



Myslikova 5, Prague 1 (take tram 17 or 21 to Jiráskovo náměstí, or take tram 6, 18, 22, or metro B to Karlovo náměstí)

You can find almost anything you need here!  A variety of fresh halal meat (they are known for their lamb chops), as well as sausage and cheese.  There are bulk spices and rice, and boxed spice mixes.

Galaxy Food

Opletalova 20, Prague 1, next to Piccadilly

This is a newer store that carries fresh halal meats and packaged sausages, along with a selection of other grocery items.

Al Barakah

In the ČERNÁ RŮŽE shopping center, Na Příkopě 12, 110 00 Praha 1 (* Update 3 April 2011 – Al-Barakah seems to have either closed or moved from this location.  If anyone knows what happened to it, please let me know so I can post the new location!)

No fresh meat, but a good selection of grocery items and sweets.  Some furniture and home decorations, too.


*Not all doner kebap shops serve halal meat, and some of them serve pork.  Most halal shops will have a “halal” sign in the window.

*Some of the “crocodile” sandwiches sold in Relay and other shops are vegetarian or fish.  Syrovy mlsoun is one, it has a few different kinds of cheese, green onions, and a nice sauce.

Chez Amis

Spálená 15, Praha 1 (take metro B, or tram 6, 18, or 22 to Národní třída, several trams to Lazarská)

Very small but nice place with friendly service and excellent Arab food at reasonable prices.  I had the gyro and loved it.  He is also known for falafel, but I didn’t like it too much.  There is also a small grocery store.


Konecchlumského 7 (take tram 22 or 36 to U Kaštanu)

I don’t think it is Muslim-owned, and they do serve alcohol there, but I asked about the meat and he said the lamb dishes are halal.  They are a small, cozy place with great Indian food.

Istanbul Kebab 1 and 2

Politických vězňů 933/17 (between metros Muzeum and Hlavni nadrazi), and Na Poříčí (Namesti republiky metro or tram)

I like them a lot.  The sandwiches are pretty good, and they have a lot of “sit down” food, most of which I haven’t tried yet, but it looks delicious.

Piccadilly Halal Fast food

Opletalová 22, Prague 1 (take metro to Muzeum)

Small place with mostly Arab food.  Great sandwiches!  They also have pizza.

Hallal Restaurant

Růžová 10, Prague 1 (metro to Hlavní Nádraží or tram to Jindřišská)

Small Indo-Pak place with decent prices.  I didn’t like the curry too much, but the tikka was good!


Jindřišská 20, Prague 1 (tram to Jindřišská)

Small Turkish place with nice doner kebabs.  They were very “light” tasting, which I liked.

Turecke dobroty

I don’t know the address, but it’s across from Budejovicka metro station.  It’s a small place, but there’s a nice place to sit.  They serve mostly doner kebab.   There was no halal sign in the window, but the owner told me it was.

Khankhala Indian Restaurant

On the top floor of Palladium  shopping center, Namesti Republiky.

Not too authentic, but good food nonetheless.  A bit on the pricey side, but comparable with the other restaurants in that shopping center.

Himalaya Fast Food

Soukenická 2, Dlouha Trida tram stop

The food is good and cheap, but not the nicest place to sit.  Take-out and delivery are available.

Arslan kebap

Bozdechova, Praha 5, Andel metro station

The doner meat is halal, not sure about the pizza meat.  They have fresh bread, and probably the best falafel I’ve had here!

Here are some other places I haven’t been to yet at


It can get VERY windy down in the metro stations, in some more than others.  Ladies may wish to save very lightweight skirts for the days they won’t need the metro.

Prague weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to dress in layers (plus, the metro can be cold and some establishments go nuts with the AC), and carry an umbrella AND sunglasses in the Spring and Summer!

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  1. Reading about the food has made me very hungry. I will make breakfast now!
    I love you,

  2. Yes, I’m looking forward to trying more restaurants!

  3. Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field (Online Stock Trading) but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what’s going on and it’s always interesting to say the least. It’s always entertaining what people have to say.

  4. hi guys
    i know 3 halal places of quality food
    HANEDAN jindriska –on waclav namesti turn right from debenhams shop go straight and on the right side of the street ul see a doner named hanedan(for me its one of the best places to eat halal food in europe )
    metro namesti republiky
    best indian food in town which can easily compete with uk s best indian cookerys
    in front of the second entrance of palladium shopping center theres a doner which is halal
    nice food

    • Ayesha siddiqui

      Hey wasila…..assalam wa alaikum..em ayesha evn em muslim…
      do u stay in parag??cz em intrestd to know bou parag…spcli d muslim culture out there…
      Plz kindly repli on
      Hope for +ve respnse…thank u:)

  5. Thanks, Wasilla! Do you live here?

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good doner kebab so I’ll probably check those out soon.

  6. this site helps me much 🙂
    i’m an indonesian muslim that now studying in NL. I’ve bought ticket to Prague at Xmas Holiday and I’ve planned to be solo female traveller. I’m looking for info for the mosque and I find it here! And also i want to ask, is this city save for me? because I wear scarf. The backpacker site said that this city is save for backpacker or traveller even solo female traveller. But what about solo muslim female tourist like me? who wear muslim identity (scarf)?

  7. Yes, it will be safe insha’Allah. People look, but generally Prague is a safe city. Just watch for pickpockets, like in any other city! There are a lot of Malaysians and Indonesians here, I think. Send me an email through the “about me” page if you want to meet for coffee/tea!

  8. Salams!
    I’m an American Muslim college student living in Prague until May. I just got here two weeks ago and I’m curious to get to know other Muslims in the city and to know the community. Any suggestions?

  9. Salam to All , i will be travellin with my family to prague by car and would like to know if there is budget hotel nearby mosque with private parking – thanks – aadee –

  10. Hi,
    I will be in Prague for a couple of days in may. So nice to know where to find some halal restaurants and mosques!
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Thanks for all the comments! Aadee, I don’t know about the hotels. I usually look for hostels on the hostelworld website, and I guess you can just use google maps to see which part of Prague it’s in.

  12. Selamu aleyke…I will come to prague for erasmus programme.But I don`t know anything about muslims life in Prague.I will graduate at university of Charles.I don`t know that will be any problem with scarf or praying.Also I want to meet muslim sisters in Prague.Please help me.Thanks for everything…

  13. Hi Admin, I’ll be in Prague next week for a week period, and being Muslim this post is indeed very useful. Do keep updated this post with more places. I’ll be staying in Corinthia hotel

  14. well im loving the info on this site, im a british muslim going to prague in june 3 friends altogether, i was very unsure bout the food and so on been looking a few places bt this site has the best results and detailed info, i love the sound of some of the resurants mensioned looking forward to tasting and checking out the city! if there is any young muslims male or female wanting to chill out then let us no!

  15. Salam, Im leaving to Prague in anothr 5hrs, i wanted some quick info abt Masjid’s & Halal food…and I found it rt here…Jazakallah khayran…il post again, if i get any more info during my 4 day trip…

  16. It is a very informative blog. Thanks for some nice information. Is there any shop near Letnany for halal meat?

  17. Salam Wahab,

    I haven’t heard of any there, but please let me know if you find one!

  18. Good evening, I am staying in Prague for 3 months on a work placement. It would be good to meet some other muslims as I dont seem to come across any at all. Are there any places to go to meet people? and are there any shisha lounges around for my friends?

  19. Salamu Alikum,
    Thanks a million for your valuable info.
    Gazak Allah Khair.Amin

  20. Salamz,
    I got Admission in UNVA Prague and I will be arriving in couple of months. I want to know about Prague, like accommodation, food and the job opportunities. I would be very grateful to you if you reply me with details.

  21. I am coming to Prague in January aroung 14-15 for two days for visit. I am looking to migrate to czech. So if any one know any lawyer who can help me let me know to my email
    i am from pakistan and want to go to czech with my family and open a business there. HJave sufficient money to start work.
    Any Valuable comments will be appericiated.
    Mansoor Amin

  22. welcome all in Prague,this city is full of halel shops and the most important one is on the mosquee,it opens just 1 hour after salat jom3a ( friday prier ) in cerny new here and i wish to make friends
    any one interested can contact me.thx all

  23. Salam to all muslims who are residing in prague, i would like to the muslims communtiy area where the halal food will be avaiable easily, because i am coming to prague during the month of january 2011.

  24. SAWLK WR WB,
    I have just moved to the CZ. Thanks for the info on this site. You all are providing a great service, may God reward you.
    This is my first weekend here so will progressivly check out the above places.
    Was Salaam.

  25. Rosnah Abdul Aziz

    Askum wb.
    The info I get from this site is great. Helps alot, especially when I plan to visit Prague this year, probably in May-July.

  26. I wasreally disapointed when I turned up to the mosque in centre on friday ( I was travelling and did not know about any other place and also did not know that they did not have place for women on fridays) And the man(I suppose the imam) just told me without a greeeting that there was no place for women and slammed the door shut in my face ! I was so upset.He could have at least let me pray before or after jummah ! I found it really outragous. I ended up praying outside on the stairs!

    • It’s sad to hear …I think they have place for women(as I saw Malaysian students (girls)) and it’s not always open(as I heard)

  27. I’m sorry that happened to you! 😦

  28. Assalam alaikum brother,

    I am coming to Prague on Feb 18 and will be there for 3 days.
    I will stay in Prague Marriott Hotel, V Celnici 8. Can you please tell me is there any mosque/prayer hall and any Halal shops near this address?

    Jazaka Allah.

  29. Salams, we are coming to Prague for 5 days and will be staying at the Kings Court Hotel (Metro Namesti). Thanks for the great info on halal restaurants. Looking forward to checking them out. Regards, Fauzia

  30. Salam Fayaz (I’m a sister, by the way),
    The mosque in city center (listed above) is near your hotel (if you have ladies with you, please note that there may not be room for them at juma and the mosque at Cerny Most would be better). There are many halal shops in that area, including many listed above with their locations – Himalaya, Chanchalla, Hanedan, Istanbul kebab. There is also a shop called “Galaxy foods,” but I don’t think they have much “ready-made” food.

    Fauzia – I hope you enjoy Prague!

  31. Fauzia Kidwai

    AOA, we had a great time in Prague…even with the temperature not rising above -6 we had a great time sight seeing. We managed to find halal restaurants quite easily. One was the Lebanese El Amir in the food court at the Palladium Shopping Centre (Namesti Republiky). The food was fine (the lamb shank was served to me on a cold plate and therefore the food became cold very quickly). The Lebanese waiter was very helpful and provided a good service. In the same shopping centre there is an Indian-Pak restaurant called the Chanchalla. The food there was also halal and pretty ok. Overall an excellent time was had. Thanks. Regards Fauzia

    (In Prague 20-24 February at the Kings Court Hotel, Namesti Republiky – excellent hotel and very central to all tourist sights)

  32. Salamo aleikom.
    First, I will thank you for this site, it is very nice to read others experiences.
    My husband and I are travveling to Prague this weekend, staying at Hotel Fortuna West for 6 days, IA.
    I am not sure where this hotel is located.. I am looking for some wellness and Spa treatments which is not too expensive. Do any of you guys have any suggestions? I’ve done a lot of research on the internet, but it is difficult to find something cheap enough.. and it is impossible to know whether it ia a female giving the treatments… Would be very happy for some tips! Do Spas only exist at hotels?

  33. Thanks for your feedback, Fauzia, I’m glad you had fun!

    Amina: I’ve never visited a spa, so unfortunately I don’t really know anything about them. But you’re right, they seem to be expensive!

  34. thanks for the info. came across while searching for halal restaurant in prague.

  35. Be careful about Hanedan doner Kebap in Jindrisska street. Today I obtained there some really rotten “chicken kebap” – but actually chops of meat with much curry spice adjusted as a real doner. Smelling, evidently not OK. They gave me money back, but how to get back the good mood… ?! I know and like all sorts of kebab, but this was realy terrible..

  36. I hope your stomach is ok!

  37. salam,
    i’ll be coming to prague in this coming june. how will be the weather? average temperature? and for the halal food, how much will it be ranging price? and i want to know,how do locals communicates here?is it English is widely used?
    Thank you.

  38. Nora Susilowati

    Thank you so much for the halal food information. My husband and I are going to Prague for a Conference, so we are trying to get some information on halal food and mosques. God bless you all!


  39. Assalam o alikum ,

    I am coming to study one year Filmmaking from Prague Film School from Sep 2011 to May 2012. My wife and new born daughter will join me later when i will arrange accommodation in Prague. Any suggestion regarding economical accommodation in muslim neighborhood ?

  40. Most people in the touristy places will speak English.

    Hmm, I don’t know of any Muslim neighborhoods; as far as I know there aren’t any here. Best of luck!

  41. I am coming in praha 6 for technical training.
    Can anybody help me to locate Pakistani hallal food and give an idea for avarage living cost perday in praha.

  42. hi, I am interested to visit Rep. Czech esp. Prague and Cesky Kumlov. Can you suggest which month is the low season and sunny all day? Which month is rainy? Is Mid April or Mid May good time to go there? Where else in Rep. Czech is scenic good for photography?
    Is there any halal place in Cesky Kumlov?
    As a woman wearing the hijab, I am also a bit worried about the reaction of the people there but I hope this country is not as negative as I imagined.
    Sorry I asked a lot, and actually I have more questions regarding muslim travel in Europe.
    Thank you for answering.

  43. Hi Khalid: Living expenses really depend on a lot of factors. There are a few Pakistani/Indian halal places listed above: Tandoor (only lamb is halal, but it is in Prague 6); Hallal Restaurant (get tandoori, tikka, or kebab, nothing with sauce!); Khankhala (kind of expensive and really unauthentic, but still pretty tasty); Himalaya (it’s just fast food, but it’s cheap and tasty).

    Hi Zat: The weather is pretty unpredictable here! Generally it’s sunny all day in June, but we’ve been having a lot of rain this year. May would be better than April, since the winters have been running a bit long. I’ve never been to Cesky Krumlov, so unfortunately I can’t offer any advice there, but there are a lot of great tourism sites online! I also wear hijab, and I’ve never had any real problems. Just some stares on the metro (I carry a book and ignore everyone), and a few rude remarks, which I pretended not to hear. But that’s just a few in the two years I’ve been here. Just be cautious at night, like you would in any big city. There are some skinheads here. You shouldn’t have any problems if you are in a well-lit, busy, public place.

  44. I had a nice halal kabab at Istanbulkebab in Opletalova 13 Praha, 1. Just a cross the road from the mosque.
    They have a website and their phone number is 0042 0777917384.

  45. Every one should benefit from this fees free university.
    It is very good and you do not have to relocate or change your life.
    you do not even need to stop working, and it is affordable for everybody.
    just try it.

  46. Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for putting up such a platform. A person like me, a bit unorganized (did not explore prague before reaching here) and staying in prague only for 5 nights, could find the key info for the muslim right here.

    I arrived in my hotel (987 Prague) an hour ago, had to go out to find the adopter for my laptop. Found a shopping centre (its been referred above as Palladium Shopping Centre ) and the got info about the two halal restaurants (their names are mentioned above), one Indian and the other Lenbanese while looking the adopter for my laptop. Without this blog, I would have always thought I would be missing the good halal food here. But now I can feel I know quite a bit of the Halal food in Prague. 🙂 Thanks guys.

    Thanks guys for sharing info.

    Wassalam, Aziz

  47. Nice!!!!

    Can you tell me a adres?
    I live in Rotterdam, Holland. I go there all the time to a MAROC HAIDRESSER. Nece, friendly people!

  48. Thanks so much for the reviews.
    We went to Istanbul Kebab, and the Indian restruarant around the corner
    We also found the mosque, and a halal butcher all within close proximity. Was such a pleasure to meet Muslims, and eat good halal food in Prague

    Thank you

  49. I was trying to select a vacation destination and was unsure about Prague because I wasnt sure if I could find halal places to eat. Now that I have come across your blog, Prague is next on my destination. Thanks a lot for taking time out and doing this for the Ummah.

  50. Please note address of another mosque in Prague, 3 Pivovarnicka, Prague 8.
    A few good (relatively high end) halal restaurants

    Dahab, Soukenicka 4 Prague 1 (Lebanese)
    Ariana, Ramova 1 Prague 1 (Afghan)
    Manni, Seifertova 11 Prague 3 (Pakistani)
    Mailsi Pakistani Restauran, 5 Lipanska Prague 3.

    Baraka has shifted to 12 Puskinovo namesti Prague 6.

  51. For all sisters who want to attend Juma in prague, please do not attend the central mosque in Prague 1. it runs 2 services for men and both of them are fully attended.
    It is advised to attend the mosque at cerny most Blatska 1491 prague 14
    The turkish mosque at 3 Pivovarnicka, Prague 8.

    Both these mosques are a bit off the main metro stations i.e. 10-15 walking distance from the nearest metro station. Service is at 1.30 p.m.

  52. More Halal Meat places
    73 Borivojova Prague 3.
    43 kubelikova Prague 3.
    12 Puskinovo namesti Prague 6.

    More Halal restaurants
    Lahori Kababish, 7 Odboru Prague 2.
    Algerian, 29 Soukenicka Prague 1
    Safir restaurant at Novy Smichov mall, food court, Prague 5.
    Felfella Lebanese fast food at Galerie Harfa shopping mall.

  53. El emir restaraunt also says its halal on its website, its in prague and palladium:

  54. Thanks for the new information, especially to Fawad and Student! Sorry it took me awhile to moderate the comments; I’ve been away. I will definitely check out these new spots and update the information on this page soon!

  55. Hi guys,
    I’ll be visiting Prague next weekend inshallah. I just wanted to know if it is safe for women who wear a head scarf to travel around in the city without being subjected to awkward looks. I will be travelling with my husband.
    This site has really been useful btw.

  56. Hi Marzi, you should be fine! Me and my scarf have been here for two years and haven’t had any problems. Have a fun trip!

  57. Hi, do you know of anywhere in Prague where we can study beginners Arabic?

  58. Salam,

    I absolutely love this blog! May Allah reward you! It means so much, especially to other travelling muslim women 🙂

    Fi Amanillah,


  59. its danish from pakistan
    i want to come to live in czech republic with my family as immigrant , please help me to know whether it is my good decision because i dont know about czech republic.
    please guide me in this respect…..

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  61. Hi Danish,

    I can’t advise you on this issue, but if you would like to talk to more people about living in Czech Republic, you can try the expats page:

    There are a couple facebook groups for Muslims living in CR, here is one of them:

    Maybe they can help you more 🙂

  62. Dear Admin,
    I was bit late to surf this area though suffer my stays in Prague with proper foods or prayer last 5 days. I am leaving today, and desperately looking for Jumah, and you did the proper guidance. thank you.

    Best regards,

  63. Assalammualaikum.wb
    My husband and I (we are Indonesian) are going to Prague for 2 days during our vacation around East Europe. We’ll stay at Ai Quattro Angeli Apart. I don’t know exactly where the location is (opatovicka). Do you have any info regarding this apart ? Is it moslem friendly ? And is there any halal resto nearby ? Thank you very much.


  64. You’ll be quite near the center, so there are a lot of halal places nearby. The closest is Chez Amis, listed above 🙂

  65. Salam alikoum

    I’m Algerian and I’m traveling to Prague on Monday inchalah, I hope I’ll see some of you in my short passage ( only 5 days), I’m so happy to know that there are brothers living there who gave us these precious information bellow. Any way I’ll stay at the Praha 5. So to see one of you will be the greatest thing that I’m going to enjoy it in all my live.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Salam alikoum

  66. Thanks a lot.. Jazakallahu Khair

  67. Dear Admin,
    Assalamu’alaikum.I will be in Prague next month to participate in the marathon for a charity. could you please advise if you know any Muslim that will be participating? will be staying near the Astronomical Clock, will there be any halal dining or takeaway around there?
    looking forward to hear from you.

  68. Sorry Anonymous, but I don’t know anyone else who will be participating. Best of luck in the race! You will be in Prague 1, so most of the above restaurants will be near you, maybe a 10 or 15 minute walk (public transport doesn’t go too close to the clock; it’s mainly a walking area). You can plug the addresses into google maps and find out how to get there.

  69. Assalamualaikum,

    I will be staying at PARKHOTEL PRAHA s.r.o
    Veletržní 20, Praha 7, 170 00. Is it far from the mosque and halal restaurants there. Thank you so much for your help.

  70. Dear Friends,
    Nice to read all the comments, which are really helpful for travellers. I am visiting prague this friday with my wife and daughters (infants). I am staying in Old Town close to Pallidium mall. Is is safe with family to roam around or any suggestions??. Any suggestion for tay trip packages??

  71. i will stay in prague for 3 days and then travel to Germany probably by train. Which is best/safe to travel train or bus. I have bags and 2 buggies for kids….

  72. Rasol: I am not too familiar with Prague 7, but most of the halal restaurants are in Prague 1. You can find vegetarian options in many restaurants, though. You’ll have to take the metro to get to the mosque, probably a 20 minute trip or so.

    Umar: Old town is the main tourist area, and quite safe – just watch out for pickpockets as in any big city. There are people all around the area selling day trip packages, which are probably ok. I’ve never taken one. Karlstejn Castle is very popular, but may not be too practical with small kids, especially in pushchairs. The in-town trips are probably better. Bus and train are both good options for Germany – main train station is called Hlavni Nadrazi and you can buy tickets there.

  73. salam! just want to know, is it permissible to sleep over at the mosque? it is easier for me to eat and pray. ^^

  74. Assalamu alaikum.

    Thanks for this very helpful site. It’s got important info a foreign muslim needs to get around Prague. This is where i’ve got mine from. We are here as a family for several days and today visited the centre for the first time. Checked most of the addresses we found on this site. The mosque at Politickych Veznu St was easy to find as well as the shops around it.
    We were dissapointed though with few reastaurants considered to be halal, but selling alcool at the same time. Namely Chanchala and El-Amir at the Palladium.
    Not only that but at Chanchala you could see statues of Hindu gods hanging all over the place. It put us straight off.
    Now, correct me if i am wrong but if those people do not fear Allah, since selling alcool is one of the major sins, they will not have any problem lying to you and me about the halal meat. I wouldn’t like to contribute into their harram business growing anyway.
    We liked the Istanbul Kebab in front of the mosque at Politckych Veznu St though. Nice place and good food.
    Wishing all brothers and sisters well.

    Thanks again to you sister for running this website.

  75. This is very helpful for Muslims who may travel to Prague. Thank you!

  76. Dear admin! thanks for nice information, i am to start my studies in Charles University in September, please tell me something a bout accommodation and living expenses. i got a scholarship from zcech government this year.

    • Which faculty are you starting at?
      I’m a student in Prague 🙂

      • Salam alaykom,
        Saber, you said that you study in prague. I need some information if you don’t mind.
        I will be in Prague insha’allah during August to attend a conference which will be held at Charles University.
        Just i want to know if it is safe to be there alone since i am a musulmane girl of course wearing the “Hijab”. Is it safe for me to go out alone (for shopping etc)? Is there any dangerous place?

  77. Hi every one , First time I am coming alone to Prague in June 2013 for 2 weeks for workshop and holiday. any friend give me suggestion for halal food and cheap accommodation or any good advise. it will highly appreciated.

    • Salam brother
      I will give u list of restaurants I don’t know that much about accommodation can ask for you on Facebook you ask group( isoc cz )
      Sabir shah

  78. Hi to all, i will be coming to Prague for 2 days trip this coming june any muslim brothers n sisters at Prague can recommend me at place to visit n eat.I be staying in hotel Salvator Hotel.From Singapore.Wassalam.Noor

  79. hello:
    Are there any proper (historic) masjids in Prague? I love Islamic architecture and want to visit any old, historic masjids in Prague.
    Please let me know!

  80. Hi thank you for the info you sent me last time. However im in a dilemma as i have heard mixed reviews about prague. Do u think that as a muslim women(wearing headscarf) its safe to study at prague comfortably for 6 years or is prague more of a holiday place(short stay)? pls answ honestly as i know u live in prague. And thanks for the website.

  81. Salam Anser: Unfortunately, no, not that I know of. The Muslim presence here is fairly new. There are a few historic synagogues, though.

    Salam Rim: Weeeellll… it really depends on a lot of factors: your background, how much you prefer to socialize, your hobbies, etc. Yes, it’s definitely safe, and probably comfortable enough. The Muslim community is small, but it does exist, and insha’Allah you’ll be able to make some friends. You may be comfortable socializing with schoolmates, too. A lot of Czech recreation involves alcohol, but not all. If you like skiing or cycling you’ll make a lot of friends! I’ve been here for almost 4 years, but I’m very shy and it takes me FOREVER to get to know people.

  82. Muhammad Ahmad

    Hi everyone , i like to visit and attend medical workshop in Prague in June 2013. I like to know about halal food, Islamic centers and muslims friends and community for guide me coz I am coming there first time.if any one have information or contact plz let me know I will stay 2 weeks. my email is warm regards Ahmad

  83. Thank you i have finally decided to just go for it and will be visiting Prague shortly! Sorry if i was a bit forward. I got a lot of discouragements from ppl about being female moving to a country where i know no one etc I will visit Prague in late April for a couple of days. Inshala i ll have a good experience
    Thank again

  84. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to provide
    something again and help others like you helped me.

  85. Salam alaykom,
    I will be in Prague insha’allah during August to attend a conference which will be held at Charles University.
    Just i want to know if it is safe to be there alone since i am a musulmane girl of course wearing the “Hijab”. Is it safe for me to go out alone (for shopping etc)? Is there any dangerous place?

    • yes u will be save inshalah but its buter not alone coz 99.9’/,donot like muslim people,spicialy if u have hijab,so its buter not alone coz u will have strees from the people who looking to u,
      with save of allah

  86. assalaamu alaykum.
    I am may soon be coming to Prague to teach english. Are there Muslims (students or others) with whom I can share housing? Who should I contact?

  87. Muhammad Ahmad

    Hi everyone , i like to visit and attend medical workshop in Prague in June 2013. I like to know about halal food, Islamic centers and muslims friends and community for guide me coz I am coming there first time.if any one have information or contact plz let me know I will stay 2 weeks. my email is warm regards Ahmad

  88. really all u information is very good,but u know why falfel in around prauge not testy cause the most of shope are from aljeria tunis,not egyption coz if u want tast u must eat from egyption :)and alsoe some halal shope not testy for food i was in halal resturant the nam is el safier but really very good u can find it in the center

  89. Salam,
    I have just known that czech expats prefer “ASDA grocery store” regarding the quality of goods and prices. But, when searching on the net i didn’t find its exact address in prague. I have only found it in London and other countries.
    Any one can tell me if there is one in prague or not ?
    Thanks a lot :))

  90. Salam, I will be moving to Prague with my husband and two kids because of my husband’s work. I am wondering if there are any Islamic schools or activities through the muslim associations or mosques for children. The international schools seem to be very expensive and I am trying to find out what my options are. I am thinking I may have to homeschool ( my children are 10 and 11 yrs old). Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated!!! JazakaAllah

    • Salam Rana, I don’t know about any Islamic schools. If you’re on facebook, there may be some people there who would know. If you email me your facebook information (use the contact form at the bottom of the “about Musicalchef” page), I can add you and put you in contact with some people who may be able to help.

  91. Salaam
    I will be studying in Charles univ, can you tell me which areas to avoid and what time is safe? I heard about skinheads being a problem. Is time around 6-7 p.m safe. I will be moving prague 5 and to in prague 3 for Tuesday every week.Can you help me? I’m from Indian origins so will it be a problem for me?
    Thanks a lot

  92. Salaam
    I will be staying in motol, prague 5 for sometime, I wanted to ask that is it a safe area for a student. I’m from india and I was wondering if I could be safe cause my classes end at 6 pm and i have to walk back for about 1 km and on other days I get a tram for 8 km. is it safe?

    • Salam alaikum Jamal,

      Violent crime is rare in Prague; just take the precautions you’d take in any big city – watch out for pickpockets, keep your doors locked (and windows closed when you’re gone if your window is easily accessible), and avoid deserted areas after dark. I’ve heard that the center can also be dangerous at night, but this is really late at night, like after midnight. Motol is a very nice area.

  93. Walaikum salam
    Thank you very much, I have one question more, is it safe around 6-7 pm at motol to talk for a km, as some of my classes will end at that time. I heard that sunsets around 4:10 om in the winters so will it be safe?
    Thank you very much.
    Allah Hafiz

  94. Coming to Prague with my wife tomorrow am inshallah. Was wondering what was the exact time for Juma prayers?

    • Salam alaikum,

      I haven’t been to the masjid in awhile, but I have been told that juma prayers at the main mosque near metro station Cerny Most (you’ve probably already seen it on the page here) are at 1:30. I’m not sure about the smaller prayer halls in town. Anyways, the mosque at Cerny Most is the only one with space for ladies for juma prayers.
      Enjoy your visit!

  95. Asalamualaikum,

    Just wanted to thank you for the information. Took the yellow B train to Cerny Most and walked 5 mins to the mosque. Alhamduliah, reached there 45 mins earlier. The khutbah started at 1:35 pm and the prayer at 2.

    Was surprised to hear fluent Arabic and what seemed like Czech from the imam. First half was Arabic and the second Czech. The mosque also had a small halal shop where they were serving snacks to munch on after prayers. My wife also liked her interaction with the locals though the space was small in the ladies section.

    Ahamdulilah, everything was just perfect. Thank you very much for all the info you have provided here. May Allah swt bless you in this world and aakhirah inshallah.



  96. assalamo alaykom
    just know the mosque cerny most from your information thank you so much may allah bleess you and made your life easy and happy .
    please dont stope to give us more whene its possible.

  97. Assalam Aleykum brothers.
    Please tell me anybody where I can buy carpet for prayer?


  99. I am an Egyptian girl going to Prague in September. I am going to study in Charles University 2nd Faculty of Medicine. I was just wondering how life is there for Muslim girls, especially wearing a scarf and all.
    Thank you

    • Yasmeen!! I’m Egyptian studying in Charles University as well. Are you still in Prague?

      • hi my name is ameena and i got a seat at the first faculty of medicine maybe we could meet up..

    • Asak yasmeen and fatah ,I too maybe joining charles university first faculty of medicine in September,
      Please contact me on my email
      Maybe we could shareven an apartment or’s better to know ppl before I move in

      • Salam alaykom, yasmeen, farah and ameena…
        I am a new Lebanese student at charles university too.
        If you’re still here, I would like to meet any of you (or both ) if possible.
        I will be studying here for 2-3 years.
        I am veiled as well. Looking forward to your reply ^_^
        Thanks in advance.


    • Salam yasmine,
      I am a lebanese girl studying at charles university as well. I moved a couple of months ago.
      If you’re still here, I would love to meet.
      I am veiled as well.
      Thank you ^_^

  100. As-salaam-u-alai-kum,

    We have a group of South African Muslims attending the WKF kickboxing Championships early next week and I was hoping that you would be able to tell me if there are any halaal food places and masjid closest to them? They will be based at The Olympik Tristar Hotel, Prague Complex

    • Wa alaikum assalam,

      I’m not so familiar with that area of Prague. The hotel is near the “B” line metro, between Invalidovna and Palmovka. There may be something at Palmovka, but I’m not sure. I know that if they take the metro to Namesti Republiky, there are several choices. There is also a prayer hall in the center, but if they want to go to the “big” masjid, they can take the metro in the other direction to Cerny Most. You can use to help you out (or google maps, but is better because it shows the metro/tram/bus stops).

  101. Alsamu aliukum
    Any arabic or turkish barber shop?

  102. muhammad b jaffah

    assalmualaikum musicalchef..
    im muhamma from Malaysia, right now I working at vsetin. we want go around prague..can u help me..or me be we can meet together..

  103. Hi Musicalchef!
    It was a great pleasure to stumble across your site here. I will inshAllah be visiting Prague in a few month’s time and I have been searching for reviews of halal restaurants. Your page has been, by far, the most useful!

    I also wear hijab and it is comforting to hear that – despite how the news portrays things – not everywhere in Eastern Europe is hostile to those who are obviously Muslim. I’m looking forward to getting a taste of Czech culture.

    I was just wondering – are there any bakeries/cafes you would recommend? Preferably in Prague 1, around Old Town or the Little Quarter, or within walking distance from these.

    Are there any unique shops that you’d recommend for getting souvenirs? 🙂

    • Savannah Peat

      Sareh, I am a U.S. journalist studying abroad in Prague, working on a project on Islamic culture in the city. I would love to be able to speak with you on this topic!

  104. there r any problem for muslim to get part time job

  105. Assalamo alaikum, i recently move here in Prague from Norway. I will be working on a Norwegian project in a company in Prague. Admin(sister) your did a good job while starting this blog, thank you. I am new here and would like to make friends. Can you please suggest me something about it. If possible, can i also meet you?

  106. which is the closest mosque and halal food shop
    to the charles university first medical faculty parague

    • Closest mosque is the one near muzuem stop, next to barakat restaurant.
      Closest shop is farah (Myslíkova, prague 1)

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