I’m behind on posts.  I’m also behind in my travel journal!  While I catch up, here are some random observations and notes:

People here love to walk, especially by the river.  It’s great exercise, great scenery, and a time to talk to friends or think!

Dimsi cheese goes very well with mushroom tortellini!  It’s almost enough to keep me from missing my colby…

I visited the History Museum last week.  I saw it called a “living museum” somewhere (I’m wondering if that’s why they never fixed the bullet-holes in the building while the National Museum next door was completely repaired); the main part contains personal memoirs, artifacts, articles, and photos from the recent war.  It is a very powerful exhibit, and it’s an interesting experience (not sure how else to describe it!) to see the photographs of the destroyed buildings, and then walk outside afterwards and see the same buildings, repaired.

The art scene is great here!  More on that later, hopefully.

After listening to sevdalinka for several months before coming here, it is wonderful, and somehow comforting, to hear them in cafes, stores, etc…

Zumbuli (bluebells) smell wonderful!

I’m so glad to be in my own apartment.  Some of you know I was in a hostel for nearly a month when I first came.  However, that was also a great experience.  The owner and staff there were wonderful, helpful, and hospitable.  The director did not speak English, so it was a great way for me to practice my Bosnian.  He was so patient with me, never interrupting, and just waiting for me to think it through and come up with the correct word (and helped me out if I didn’t know it).

The ladies at these Women’s education centers (Kewser and Nahla) have become great friends. More on these organizations later.

I’ve met some of the musicians here; I was waiting for my Bosnian to improve before I started contacting everyone, but I think now it’s time to get down to business!


4 responses to “Randomness

  1. Hello:) I envy you for traveling so much! It is great to experience different lives.
    Thanks for your visit and your wish, I also hope you will have a wonderful year ahead.

  2. Draga sestro, drago mi je da uzivas u Sarajevu. Mogu li te zamoliti da postavis fotografije Sarajeva za sve nas koji zivimo daleko od Bosne?

    ps Obavezno moras posjetiti Mostar!

    selam alejkum

  3. Homeyra: Thanks!

    Azra: Wa alejkum selam, hvala! Ove sedmice cu postavit neke slike. A naravno planiram da posjetim Mostar! Jesi li ti iz Mostara?

  4. Jesam, iz Mostara sam. Posjeti obavezno stari grad, Tursku kucu (Alajbegovica cosak), Tekiju na Buni i ako budes mogla otidji do Pocitelja. Mostar i cijela Hercegovina su nesto posebno u proljece, kad sve probehara.


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