Gazel – Milost Tvoja (Your Mercy) with Translation

Here is a video by Gazel, a fairly new group I think.  You can find their CD on emusic if you have an account there.  The song titles on that site are not matched correctly with the actual tracks, however, let me know if you want them in the real order.  See two more of their videos on their website.

Milost Tvoja

Uvijek kada pomislim otišli su od mene svi,
Da leđa okrenuše, Milost Tvoja dođe mi,
Pa kroz dušu prođe mi,
Koja jako uzdahne kad Ti Ime spomene.

Ne može mi uzeti ovu sreću niko sad,
I planine da krenu ja Ti Ime dozivam,
I srce da šapne mi da neće izdržati
Ja ga neću slušati, jer Milost Tvoju osjetih.

Allah Allah ilallah Milost Tvoja beskrajna
Na dušu mi spusti se, hvala Ti za sve!

Your Mercy

Every time I imagine that all have abandoned me,
That they’ve turned their backs, Your Mercy comes to me,
And passes through my soul,
Which sighs heavily when it says your name.

Now it is not possible for anyone to steal this joy,
And the mountains that move when I call Your Name,
As for my heart that whispers that it cannot go on,
I will not listen to it, for I feel Your Mercy.

Allah Allah ilallah, Your Mercy is endless
It descends upon my soul, thank You for everything!


One response to “Gazel – Milost Tvoja (Your Mercy) with Translation

  1. This is lovely – thanks for sharing!

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