Postal Peeve

Since prices for postage stamps change so often, it’s really annoying to find an old book of stamps that have no price on them.  How am I supposed to remember how much they were, and thus, how many of those little one cent stamps to put on the envelope with them?


7 responses to “Postal Peeve

  1. a better question is… why do the price of stamps keep going up? 🙂

  2. Good question! I’ve heard that usps has lost business since people use email so much. Who knows?

  3. First class stamps since this last go around never expire. That is, they do not have a denomination on them because they can be used even if the rates go up.

  4. Really? I’ve got these liberty bell stamps that don’t have a denomination on them. I think they are over a year old at least, though! Do you think I can use them?

  5. The Forever stamps can be used no matter what the price rates change to, Which I think have the liberty bell but they say FOREVER. Otherwise to be safe I just use TWO stamps when I dont know

  6. Excellent! I’ll try it on a piece of mail that’s not too important. If we’re wrong, I guess it will just come back and then we’ll know.

  7. actually you can purchase stamps with a standard rate. I think they’re called forever stamps and are good even when the prices head upward.

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