“Zahvalnost” (Gratitude) by Hor Kewser, with translation

I received a message from someone looking for an English translation of Zahvalnost by Hor Kewser. It had been awhile since I’d translated anything, and it was nice to get back into it!

See the video here and here.


Svako jutro kad se budim
Hvalu Tebi srcem nudim
I kad sunce za brijeg zađe
U tišini hvalu šapćem

Kad sam gladna ili sita
Vesela i naprasita
Usamljena, poražena
S Tobom uvijek divno mi je

I kad spavam, kada snijem
I kad plačem, kad se smijem
Ne gasi se žeđ za Tobom
Osjećam Te bićem cijelim 


Every day when I wake up
I offer to You my heart in thanks
And when the sun sets behind the hill
In the silence I whisper Your praises.

Whether I’m hungry or full
Happy, cross
Lonely, defeated
With You it’s always wonderful for me

And when I sleep, when I dream
And when I cry, when I laugh
My thirst for You is never sated
I feel You with my entire being


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