Have you registered with Seekers Guidance yet?

The newest term of Seekers Guidance is underway. Registration is still open, but probably not for long, so register now! Remember that you (courses are open to anyone, not only Muslims) can take up to three courses for free and you can ask the teacher as many questions as you want! I am taking this course; it is really good so far:

The Bible Through a Muslim Lens

Instructor(s): Ustadh Ali Ataie 
Course Format: 12 downloadable sessions, 3 live sessions 
Starts On: January 6th, 2014 
Length: 1 term(s) – 12 weeks 
Course ID: GEN165 
Department: Guidance


This course will introduce students to the four gospels found in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and provide them with new insights and a more nuanced understanding of who Jesus (peace be upon him) was for the objective of calling others to the truth of Islam.

This course is offered in HD video format, taught by Ustadh Ali Ataie.

Read more and register here


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