New Song by Ansambl Dah Ljubavi – Zauvijek

This is the brand new video by the always-wonderful Ansambl Dah Ljubavi!  The text and translation are below the video.  They are one of the best young performing groups in Bosnia, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in upcoming years!


Dođi mi nisam ti daleko
Dođi mi samo pređi preko ponosa
Tako blizu sam ti ja

Vrati me ti u svoje snove
Vrati se sve je ovdje tvoje
Da li čuješ glas što ti srce doziva

Spasi me ti od ove moje tuge
I od ovog gorkog plamena
Spasi me da osjetim ljubav vječnu
Da zauvijek rob sam tebi ja

Dođi mi nađi me u sebi
Ljubav je skrivena u tebi
U njoj je sjaj što duši daje mir


Come to me, I am not far from you
Come to me, overcome your pride
I am so close to you

Come back to my dreams
Come back, all that is here is yours
Do you hear the voice from my heart that calls you?

Save me from my sadness
And from this bitter flame
Save me that I may feel your love eternally
That I may be evermore your slave

Come to me, find me within yourself
Love is hidden within you
In that is the radiance that gives your soul peace


2 responses to “New Song by Ansambl Dah Ljubavi – Zauvijek

  1. it’s such a beautiful song and music. also the hidden message behind the song for those who understands.

  2. I didn’t know Dah Ljubavi. It is really wonderful! Thanks 🙂

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