O Zefire with video and translation

This was originally a qasida called Banet Su’adu by the Prophet’s poet, Ka’b ibn Zuheir, written to express his love for him.  It was translated into Bosnian and adapted by Džemaludin Latif-zade el-Bosnevi, one of Bosnia’s best living poets.  I’ll write more about him in a later post, Ako Bog Da.

This video is of Halid Bešlić, you can also find the mp3 of Aziz Alili singing it – that version is more well-known –  here (mouse over “donload mp3,” then “ilahije i kaside,” and select “ilahije download/1.”  Scroll down a bit to look for Aziz Alili).  The text here in italics is the chorus.  Yes I am aware that he sings it a bit differently in this video, but I thought it was the best version 🙂  Poor guy was in an accident last year; that’s why his face is like that.

O Zefire

Ti si Sunce koje blista s nebeskih visina;

Drugi resuli su zvijezde što sjaje iz tmina.

O, zefire, kad poletiš do medinskih strana,

Poselami onog što ga moja duša sanja!

Ti si kao cvijet nježan, kao Mjesec ponosan,

Ti si more od ićrama, najljepši ti si san.

Kao sedef sjajni školjkin kada se rastvori,

Takav je tvoj osmijeh blagi kada progovoriš

Takav miris ne imadu ni zafran ni mošus

Kao zemljica što pokriva tvoje tijelo I kosu

Oh Breeze

You are a sun that beams from the lofty heavens

The other messengers are stars that shine from that

O, breeze, when you fly through Medina

Greet the one whom my soul dreams of!

You are like a tender blossom, like the proud moon,

You are a sea of generosity, the most beautiful dream

Like a brilliant white seashell when it opens,

So is your gracious smile when you speak

Such a scent has neither saffron nor musk

Like the fragrance of your body and hair


3 responses to “O Zefire with video and translation

  1. bosnamuslimmedia

    In this video, Halid Bešlić sings this song for Emir Spahić (guy in white shirt), who said that this is his favourite song and that he listens to it always before a football match. He is captain of the bosnian national football team and plays in France. Only a small notice by the way 🙂

    PS. Have you seen this documentary. I think it could be interesting for you: http://www.islambosna.ba/index.php/vijesti/islambosna-tv/14114-islambosna-tv-ija-je-ovo-pjesma

  2. I’ve been looking for this film online for ages; thanks!

    What a nice song to listen to before a football match! 😀

  3. Great to see your interest in all this.

    I did want to suggest a different translation for one line:

    O, zefire, kad poletiš do medinskih strana,

    You wrote: O, breeze, when you fly through Medina

    But if it were talking about the city of Medina, it would have to say: O zefire kad poletiš do Medininih strana (or kroz Medinu, using your translation)

    But medina here must mean what it means in Arabic, namely, a (generic) city.

    So I suggest:

    O breeze, when you fly to the ends of the city (strana meaning ‘side’)

    What do you think?

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