For Dad

Had to post that picture!

Also, even though I think New Years is overrated, best wishes to everyone for 2010!


3 responses to “For Dad

  1. That is SUPER great!!
    Yes, I’ll take the cheese.
    Yes, the pup too!
    This is now competing with your pic for my wallpaper!!!
    Happy new year to you and yours too.

  2. I don’t quite understand why you feel that New Year’s is overrated? Do you mean, by any chance, that people tend to over-indulge, and it becomes just another occasion for imbibing in drunkeness?

  3. Hi Suleman! Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Also that our calendar is an artificial division of time, so that day doesn’t really mean anything. It’s not really a new year, just a new calendar.

    Sorry I haven’t replied to your email. I will do so soon.

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