Hor Rejjan Concert and New CD

To promote their new album “Ya Resulallah,” Hor Rejjan performed for a packed hall tonight, along with special guests Hfz. Aziz Alili, Eldin Husejnbegović, Zejd Šoto, Miralem Babajić, Hor Hewser, and Hor Gazel.  I’m sure video from the concert will show up on YouTube, and I’ll update the post when it does.  For now, here are some of their music videos, and some photos from the event.  Great job guys!

rejjan 006

With Gazel

rejjan 007

Zejd Šoto

rejjan 009

Hor Kewser

rejjan 012

Eldin Husejnbegović (the girls next to me were going completely nuts – I didn’t realize he was that kind of popular!)

rejjan 014

Hor Rejjan

rejjan 018

With Hfz. Aziz Alili


2 responses to “Hor Rejjan Concert and New CD

  1. I like what the ladies are wearing.

  2. You all have beautiful voices masAllah, if only the ladies covered themselves more islamically instead of half the neck to be in the open. The picture with hfz. Aziz Alili is by far the best may Allah reward him.

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