Hor Kewser – San; with translation

Kewser is a Bosnian organization focused on educating women and children. Hor Kewser (hor means choir) has produced a CD and DVD and also tours within and outside Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH). You can read all about them on the English section of their website; they sponsor a lot of cultural and spiritual events, especially to honor Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).  They have published a magazine called Zehra for eight years, for women and families.  Here is the video of their song “San” (A dream), followed by the Bosnian text and English translation.


U pećini Hira
Ugledah Muhammeda,
U snu mi se ukaza
Obris lika njegova,
A ja žedna krenula
Do vode sa Izvora
Kad me svjetlost okupa
Od meleka silnoga.

Hatidža sva zablista
U nastavku moga sna
Ona čvrsto zagrli
Voljenoga Ahmeda.
Izgubih se i ja sva
U ljepoti Kur’ana
Ikre bismi Rabbike
Uđe u moje srce.

Sallallah ala Muhammed
Sallallah alejke Ahmed

Tu sam, blago prošapta
Ljubav našeg Resula,
Istina je zasjala
Pomoću ti Mustafa,
Sve što imam dajem ja
Od imanja svojega
Moja duša bliska je
Tvojoj duši Ahmede.

Sa uzdahom pogledah
S bolom dun’ja ugledah
San k’o privid iščeze
Ali želja ostade.
Budi ukras mog ahlaka
Ja Mustafa, Ja Nazif
S tvojih vrata dozivam te
Šefaat podari mi.

Sallallah ala Muhammed
Sallallah alejke Ahmed


In the cave of Hira
I saw Muhammed
In the dream he appeared,
The silhouette of his countenance
And I, thirsty, gravitated
Toward water from the Source
When I was bathed in the light
Of the glorious angel

Khadija fully glowed
As my dream continued
She tightly hugged
Her beloved Muhammed
And I also was completely absorbed
In the beauty of the Kur’an
“Read in the Name of Your Lord”
Entered my heart.

Sallallah ala Muhammed
Sallallah alejke Ahmed

“I am here,” softly whispered
The beloved of our Messenger
The truth was illuminated
“For your assistance Mustafa
All that I have I give
Of my possessions
My soul is next to
Yours, O Ahmed”

With a sigh I opened my eyes
With grief I saw the world
The dream like a shadow disappeared
But the joy remained
Be the adornment of my character
Ja Mustafa, Ja Nazif
At your door I call you
Grant me assistance.

Sallallah ala Muhammed
Sallallah alejke Ahmed


8 responses to “Hor Kewser – San; with translation

  1. bravo i love this song very much and the girls here with hijab are very very beautiful

  2. Salam Alaikum,

    I am trying to purchase the CD and DVD of Hor Kewser, but so far I have been unable to find a website where I could order. Can you or anyone help please? That would be really great and much appreciated.

    Best wishes from Germany
    Hannibal-Nur 🙂

  3. Salam, I’ve left a message on Kewser’s Facebook page and am waiting for a response 🙂

  4. Walaikum Salam, thank you. 🙂 I do however now have received the wished-for CDs and DVDs, alhamdulillah, so I am a happy me 😀

  5. Prelepa ilahija stvarno<3

  6. Stvarno je prelepa ilahija naj vise mi se svidja od svih ilahija<3:-*

  7. ya rasool allah s.a.w .. i love you

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