A few photos

Here are a few photos of Bosnia.  Enjoy!


On the train from Zagreb, somewhere between the border and Sarajevo.


Dome inside Gazi Husref-Beg’s mosque


Another dome


Inside the mosque


Latin bridge.   This is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot by a Bosnian Serb, beginning World War One.


Sebijl, Baščaršija (“Pigeon Square”)


View of the hills from my balcony, a couple weeks ago.  The snow is all gone now!


Miljacka River, from Grbavica


Kazandžiluk street in Baščaršija, where all the copper and silver tea sets are sold.


2 responses to “A few photos

  1. I’d sure love to hear more details about this adventure. What took you there? What are you doing? What are your goals on this trip? Very, very exciting, mashaAllah. Such history! Such conflict.

  2. I’m supposed to be posting more about it but haven’t yet! Basically I’m here to study the music, particularly the ilahije (Bosnian-style nasheed, very different from Arabic and other styles). I’ll try to post more about it later, though. I think my blogging motivation was killed by facebook!

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