So Why is Chef too busy to write an abstract?

I’m leaving for Bosnia in less than three weeks!  I will be there for four months, mostly in Sarajevo, conducting research on ilahije.

So I’m very busy studying Bosnian and preparing for the trip right now.  Any advice would be welcome!  For the next two weeks, I’ll probably be asking a lot of questions on here, picking the collective minds of whoever happens to stop by.

The question for today involves laptops and the internet.  I just bought a new laptop, masha’Allah, and I need to know what to do to make sure it will be internet-ready over there.  Keep in mind I am technologically inept, so this might be a stupid question.  It does receive wi-fi, meaning I can connect to networks (for example, I know how to connect to the wifi at Panera and the public library).  I will need to use it when I get an apartment in Sarajevo.  How will I do that?  For example, if they say the apartment has internet, how do I connect to it?  And if the apartment doesn’t have it, what do I do (probably a region-specific question but like I said, I’m inept) to get it?  I guess the main question is:  do I need to buy anything here for it before I leave, that will ensure my ability to use the laptop there?  And should I buy a transformer or converter for the charger, or just an adapter?  It does have that little “box” in the middle of the cord; is that its own transformer/converter, and would it be good enough?



4 responses to “So Why is Chef too busy to write an abstract?

  1. Good luck on your trip (and thanks for the link love; I just realized you put my personal site on here)!! Please keep us updated on all the exciting things you do by writing more wonderful posts when you’re in Bosnia.

  2. Thanks! Of course I do plan to write about all that!

  3. Best of luck! I hear Sarajevo is really beautiful!

    Though I’m afraid that I am a complete technophobe when it comes to computers. But I do know that some wifi networks are freely accessible i.e. no password required – university libraries would usually require one. A European-style adapter (two-prong) might be useful as well – airports in where you are landing usually sell you this stuff.

  4. Yes, I got a European adapter. I figured I’d have to charge my camera right away (I’ll be staying in Zagreb for a day before taking the train to Sarajevo) and didn’t want to have to hunt for an adapter on my first day.

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