Still Wondering…

…about the thesis thing.  Would it be irresponsible of me to make it available online knowing that some people will misuse the copyrights?  But then, with the internet, it’s not too hard to find out when people plagiarize (speaking from experience with my own students).  If I only make it available through email, however, how would anyone ever know if people were to “lift” material for their own projects?

And now that I think about it, how is my thesis different from any other article that’s available online (except that it’s over 100 pages long, of course)?  Many people have large amounts of information available on their websites.  I’ve used that material (with proper citations and acknowledgments) in my own research.  So really, is there any difference?

Thanks for the advice so far.  Any more?  I’m still debating.


8 responses to “Still Wondering…

  1. I would use an for example. Giving the readers an abstract, but for further text they need to pay.
    What do you think about this way?

  2. I might try that, but I’m not sure if anyone would really pay to read it!

  3. Doesnt matter they pay or not. It just protects the thesis not to be copied without permission. Though anyone who needs it, would pay..

    • The problem is that I really want people to read it, and I’m not sure many will if they have to pay. I’m just thinking, if I just post the whole thing online, it’s actually harder for people to copy it. For example, if someone copies part of it and turns it in for a class assignment, all the teacher has to do is google a couple lines to find out it was copied (I’ve caught a couple students that way, it was pretty obvious). But if it’s not available for public viewing, the person who pays for it can copy it and it will be harder for a teacher to find out because the sentences will not come up in a search. Maybe the logic is a bit weird here, but that’s just what I’m thinking right now. I still haven’t quite decided what to do.

  4. In other countries there is copy right law. In Iran there is not such a thing. I know some of my classmates used to copy a full project from the internet and give it as their thesis.
    Most uni teacher dont put much time to search in the net. They’re busy or just ignore it.

  5. There must be somewhere to publish an abstract online, with a option to request a full copy from you or even from your university library.

  6. There is… I may or may not do it that way.

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