Has Anyone Published an MA Thesis Online?

Cause who’s going to see it if it’s just sitting in only one university library? I’m very seriously thinking of making mine available somehow online, because I know there are other people interested in the same or similar subject matter that I researched.

Should I make it available here and just hope people do the honorable thing regarding citation?  Or publish at this site?  But then, I don’t really care about getting paid for it.  I really just want to distribute the information (and, of course, my name, I mean let’s be honest here).  Or publish the abstract and make the thesis itself available by request through email?

Any advice, suggestions, or warnings?


5 responses to “Has Anyone Published an MA Thesis Online?

  1. If they care about copyright, it’s good idea.. 🙂

  2. Speaking of your name, I have a great idea for a present for your father! A copy of your thesis!!
    Honestly, that would be great and the only thing I would be looking forward to in 3 weeks (except you of course).

  3. What is it about? If it is any good, I think you ought to publish it on-line. I have written an MSc thesis before, but it wasn’t good enough to publish on-line. It was a little ad-hoc in my view.

  4. It’s on American Muslim musicians. It took a long time to write and I’m pretty happy with my work on the subject. I’ll probably go ahead and do it, just working out the details of how.

    What was yours about?

  5. Hi, I’m the owner of publish my thesis and originally I was hoping for more interest. I’m getting back publishing any thesis. I’m sorry, I had to pull the contact form because of spam. I please feel free to email me as I get ready to update publish my thesis. I originally designed it hoping to distribute all the hard work and great information. Most thesis just sit in a library at some college collecting dust and never seen.

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