Biserna Suza with Translation

This beautiful song is by Latif Moćević and Ansambl Dah Ljubavi.  You can hear clips of their other songs on their website (lower right corner); hopefully their CD will be ready soon!  (Here’s the English version of their website, I just found out about it!!)  Latif has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; I could listen to it all day!  The translation was done with the help of the lovely folks at WordReference Forums.

Biserna Suza
B. Kurtanović / L. Moćević / A. Mušanović

Biserna je suza svaka
koja kane rad Allaha
Požar mržnje ona gasi
ljubav stvori, dušu spasi;

Sve ljubavi što si im`o
u jednu se rijeku sliše,
Bistrom vodom rijeke duge
pojiš sebe, pojiš druge.

Nepresušan On je izvor
što nam žedne duše poji,
Zovi svakog ko je željan
žednu dušu da napoji.

Miris ima voda bistra
sa izvora što se kuša
Kad je jednom probaš brate,
miriše ti cijela duša.

Veliko je ime Allah
što otvara vrata svaka,
Oživljava srca kruta,
smjer nam daje pravog puta.

Na tom putu ljubav širi,
nek iz daha miris miri
Širi ljubav sad bez straha
voli ljude rad Allaha.
Voli ljude rad Allaha!

Pearl Tear

Every tear is a pearl
That falls for the sake of God
It extinguishes fires of enmity,
Creates love, and saves the soul.

Every love you ever had
Flow together in one river
With a long river’s clear water
You nourish yourself, you nourish others.

He is the Infinite Source
That fills our thirsty souls
Call the one who is yearning
To satiate his parched soul.

The clear water has a fragrance
From its source, that allures
When you taste it once, my brother,
It fully perfumes your soul.

Great is the Name of God
That opens every door,
Rejuvenates a hardened heart,
And steers us to the true path.

While traveling this path spread love,
Let your words be fragrant,
Spread love now without fear,
Love for the sake of God.


2 responses to “Biserna Suza with Translation

  1. It’s beautiful.. Bosnian? I love bosnian music..

  2. Yes 😀 Sorry, I guess I didn’t specify that. Dah Ljubavi is from Sarajevo, Bosnia.

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