Dođi dođi with Translation

This lovely song is from Hor Hazreti Hamza’s CD Leptir/Kelebek.  The soloists are Jusuf Šito and guest singer Arduana Kurić.  Check out the Bosnian Muslim Musicians page for more of their songs!

Thanks to Kenan Hadžifejzović of HHH for help with the translation!  The song is dedicated to people who have lost their mothers, especially in the war. 

*The video was created by a fan of HHH.

Dođi dođi

Dođi dođi najljepša

Nurli dušo ezelska

Moje srce smiri ti

Imanom ga napuni


Mrijeti moramo znadem ja

To je Božija odredba

I u cvijetu mladosti

Ja ću na to misliti


Rabbi kad sam tužan ja

Kad zaboli rastanak

I dok plačem ja za njom

Obaspi me rahmetom


Rabbi kad sam tužan ja

Sačuvaj mi moj iman

Jer sad kad mi nema nje

Bolu Allah lijek je


Dođi dođi u srce

Kad me nemir obuzme

Budi zvijezda vodilja

Do bistroga izvora


Svaka kap naše ljubavi

More svoje će pronaći

Ovaj dunja znaj prolazi

Pa se onom spremaj ti

Come, come


Come, come most beautiful

Eternally light soul

Soothe my heart,

Infuse it with faith


We all must perish, I know

That’s the divine decree

And in the flower of youth

I will ponder on that.


My Lord, when I’m sad

When the separation grieves me,

When I weep for her,

Shower me with Your mercy


My Lord, when I’m in despair,

Preserve my faith for me

Now when she is not with me,

God is the cure for all pain


Come, come into my heart

When distress engulfs me

Be the guiding star

To the clear stream


Every drop of our love

Will find its sea

Know that this world has an end

And prepare for that.


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