Turkish Ud Player Mehmet Polat

Mehmet Polat is an extremely gifted young artist living in Amsterdam.  He plays Ud in the Turkish classical style but also creates new compositions, many of them involving Indian techniques normally used on the Sarod.  Polat combines Turkish makams and Indian ragas in many of his performances, such as in the first video below.  Check it out!  It is long (a full concert), but very interesting, and very good.  The second is short, and is called “Koşan çocuk.”  Also check out his website, where you can read his biography, watch other videos, and find out about upcoming shows.

“Mehmet Polat was born in Sanliurfa city in Turkey in 1981. He started to study Turkish folk, Alevi music and traditional Urfa music with the Turkish instrument baglama when he was 5 years old, and he continued that music practise untill the age of 18.

“Later he moved to the largest city in Turkey: Istanbul, and studied the ud there. He had received the first ud practical education in a traditional way, mostly from ud players accompanying amateur choirs. A few months later, he changed his way of playing to Sharif Muhittin Haydar Targan’s method and adopted his style. After he finished studying Targan’s method, Mehmet started researching advanced techniques on the ud.”  (Read more…)


5 responses to “Turkish Ud Player Mehmet Polat

  1. Супер статья! Подписался на RSS, буду следить =)

  2. I’ve just come back from the most amazing Turkish classical music concert, ever! and it was free! I don’t know anything about Turkish music, but we listened to stuff by Kemani Sadi Isilay, Nikogos Aga, and Riad Sumbati – all very beautiful.

  3. Sounds great! I don’t know much about Turkish music either, but since I’m researching Bosnian ilahije, which have some connections to Turkish music, I have to learn!

  4. RSS u vas po4emu-to pokazyvaet tolko po pervye 300 postov – tak i doljno byt?

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