This Election is Bringing out the Worst in Everyone

Honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over.  I’m not talking about what the candidates say about each other.  That’s old news.  Right or wrong, people do what they have to do to win.  I’m talking about jokes going around in the media and in the public sphere.  Not about the intelligence of the candidates, or their experiences, abilities or inabilities, or other things that would actually come into play if they were elected to office, but about things that wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, matter.

Unfortunately, it seems that all the “Black” jokes that went somewhat underground thirty or so years ago have resurfaced, in a country that has always prided itself on diversity and equality.  This is disappointing, to say the least, and makes me wonder how far we’ve really come, when people use race, ethnic origins, and religion (actual or alleged) to make fun of each other and make people fear each other.

I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but if I hear her referred to as “the hot one” one more time, I am going to be sick.  Worse than that, some prominent comedians and others make disgusting sexual jokes and remarks about her.  And then there’s what Creepy Zardari said about her (gag), but I’ll just talk about our own media right now.  Seriously, haven’t we gotten past this too?  Women have been elected as President and Prime Minister in other countries; has this sort of thing happened?  (I really don’t know, tell me if you do)  If this were a workplace, people would be getting sued for sexual harassment left and right by now.  So even the woman running for the second-highest office in the country is still not immune to this treatment?  True, she hasn’t really said anything against all this or done anything to counter the “hot” image.  Would it help things if she did?  Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know.  I guess there’s nothing in the candidates’ rulebook that says what to do when news anchors’ and comedians’ pink snouts begin to show.

Hopefully, whatever the outcome of the elections, afterwards people can go back to pretending that color doesn’t matter to them and that it’s a woman’s brain, not body, that counts in the workplace.  At least until things do change and people actually start feeling that way.  But really, if you don’t feel that way, do the rest of us a favor and pretend you do.


4 responses to “This Election is Bringing out the Worst in Everyone

  1. asallam alaykum

    my wife, daughter and I were talking a while ago about there being either a women or black for president this time around. I think my daughter was discussing it in class during the primaries, and as we talked I said, “you know, while it is great that this country is finally coming closer to this historic moment. But, this is nothing new for the rest of the world, other places have already elected women, muslimas, etc. The US isn’t leading anything in this respect, it seems more like we are following.”

    we should check back in a week and half and see how it is all going 🙂 … selam

  2. Thanks for visiting! It does seem to have taken awhile, hasn’t it? And it won’t even be this time.

    I guess we do have Ms. Pelosi as third-in-command, and Palin (yikes!) as a candidate for second-in-command.

  3. In terms of Palin, I’ve been thinking along the same lines and wondering why the lack of concern for the whole “hotty” image. In Chicago when McCain first announced Palin as his VP choice there was a radio show that was giving away free t-shirts if you could convice your Obama voting friend to switch his vote for “hotty” Palin – it was sick.

    It was basically that thought along with her winking and her playing the female card for all it was worth that I wrote a post in which I expressed fear of Obama calling her a sweetie, her winking back and it going unnoticed.

    Of course it doesn’t matter whether a woman is appropriate or not – she need not be the victim of any sort of sexual harrassment. Of course then, what do you do about all of the Brittney Spears out there who are using their bodies to promote themselves – in which case they actually want to be called a “hotty” and have the attention that Palin is getting whereby it is okay so long as she is not raped or harrassed or abused by another person. If Palin and the republican party is not overly concerned or asking for respect for Palin then I have to assume that all of this is a-okay with them and that they welcome this sort of publicity – which is really quite sad because I thought their values were a bit more conservative than this.

  4. Спасибо за статью оказалась очень полезной.

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