Hor Hazreti Hamza Concert Tour

USA TOUR 2, 10 Aug 2008
1. Chicago: Aug 17. Turkish Festival
2. St. Louis: Aug 19.
3. Des Moines: Aug 21.

6. Detroit: Aug 28.

That’s all the info they have on their site. Maybe google for the rest? Here’s info for the Chicago concert. Their available videos are the first ones listed on my Bosnian Muslim Musicians page; check them out and do try to go if they’re in your area.

Good luck, welcome back, and have fun!

*update 8/20/08; New York and Atlanta concerts no longer on the schedule. Guess that answers the question of whether I’d be able to go or not! Next time perhaps.

update:  Check out their interview on Radio Islam, Chicago, from 8/19/08.  I haven’t heard it yet and will have to wait until after the weekend.  Bye!


2 responses to “Hor Hazreti Hamza Concert Tour

  1. Can you believe that I was at the Turkish World Festival but did not know that the hor was there and did not get to see them 😦

  2. That’s too bad! How was the rest of the festival?

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