Elect a Muppet

Found this via Black Iris. For some reason I found it incredibly funny, perhaps just because I hadn’t heard the Muppet song in awhile! They match up most of the presidential candidates with the muppets they resemble. Not all of them really look alike (and Oscar the Grouch isn’t even a muppet; how did he get in there?), but some of them are hilariously accurate. Check it out!

Go Kermit!

But, as you may have guessed by now, this is really my favorite muppet. Unfortunately, he’s not running for president. Guess you have to be born in the US for that, right?


4 responses to “Elect a Muppet

  1. muppets? LOL!

    hey, I saw you posted on chowhound and I was like I know her! How the heck is she doin?

    I hope you are well and enjoying Amman.


  2. Guess which candidate comes up right at the word “torture!”

  3. Hi
    Once you asked about audio material in Persian, I just came across this Audio Library, it might interest you.

  4. Thanks! I’ll check that out.

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