Made in Jordan

I have a ladder that came with the apartment.  I was climbing it to change a light bulb and noticed it said “made in Jordan” all the way on the top, where it usually says “this is not a step.”  I wonder why it’s on the top.  They didn’t think I’d want that little tidbit of information BEFORE I made the big climb?

Usually, when the calendar changes over to February, I start salivating.  That’s because I know that Cadbury eggs will be in the stores soon.  I wasn’t sure I’d get them here, but I found some in Safeway yesterday.  Of course I picked up a bunch of them!  Lo and behold, when I got to the cash register, they said the bar code was incorrect and took them from me.  I didn’t even get to keep one of them!  Maybe I can get some later after they fix the bar codes.  That’s a lot of little bar codes.


2 responses to “Made in Jordan

  1. Salaam:

    That was really cruel of them, and it’s not like they couldn’t have figured it out for you or entered it manually (the price, I mean).

  2. that was a very tragic story!
    How can they be so cruel there!

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