Birdwatching in Jordan


There’s not too much birdwatching in Amman. Mostly we see a lot of sparrows and doves, both the grey and brown varieties. I guess you need either a lot of trees and/or a lot of water to have a lot of bird varieties. But yesterday I did see this beautiful bird (like the one above) outside my window, in the pine trees. It’s a bee eater (a European one), which makes sense because there are a lot of bees swarming in that tree all the time.
I identified the bird by going to this page. This guy has a lot of great bird pictures (that’s where these pics are from). By using his site, I was also able to identify a bulbul (like the one below) outside my window last month. Unfortunately, neither the bulbul nor the bee eater has returned. I hope they do.



One response to “Birdwatching in Jordan

  1. Ah, dear Sister, my wife is also a birdwatcher. I will have to show her your post 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

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