Killer Ovens!

Does anyone besides me have a gas oven, the kind you have to throw a match inside to light?

Well I have one and I’m scared of it.  You have to turn on the gas, set the knob to the temperature you want, and throw a match into a tiny hole in the bottom rack.  And of course, if you don’t make it in the first time (or second, or third), more and more gas keeps building up, so the flame will be even bigger when you finally do make it in.

Here’s the MusicalChef way of lighting the thing:

  • Open the big water bottles and keep them handy so I can throw them at the stove if I need to.
  • Put all the valuables in one place so if I do burn the house down, I can grab everything at once and run out.  Especially the laptop and the flashdrive that has the backup copies of my Masters thesis.  Cause I’m not doing that again!
  • Turn on the gas and set the knob.
  • Light a match, grasp the end with a pair of tongs, and try to keep a safe distance as I attempt to drop the match in the little hole.
  • Repeat above step cause I missed.
  • May have to repeat it again.
  • Hit the floor when it finally lights!

6 responses to “Killer Ovens!

  1. If you had a glove handy, you could at least save yourself from a 1st degree burn. Maybe a little water in the sink in case the glove gets “too” hot.

  2. Do you have one of those lighter “sticks” that you can put into the oven without fear of being burned? They are usually red-handled and cost about 1 JD. I’ve had mine for years and I just can’t mess around with matches. Gas is scary.

    Happy baking!

  3. The lighter still scares me because I feel like I still have to put my hand too close, but maybe I’ll try it next time. After we move. This oven has other problems.

    I wasted about 7 matches trying to make brownies last night! It’s a wood burning oven now!

  4. Umm Zaid Renegaid


    you know what i do? i pull out the bottom shelf of the stove so it is open instead of that lame little hole. light it with a torch lighter, then slide the shelf back in. is it annoying? yes. but i’m not tossing matches around or sticking that torch where i can’t see if i’m actually getting the gas or not.

    i mean, you can not honestly expect that they will make an oven here that lights with electricity, the way the stove top does (if’n yer lucky). patience, patience. small steps in everything.

  5. Great idea! Except that I just moved and now I have a completely different oven. I have no idea where the gas comes in at. I’ll have to ask the neighbors.

  6. Its a skill, you know… I call it Samurai cooking!

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