Ten Interesting Things I Learned This Month

  1. Fruit and veggies are cheap here.  As opposed to in the US, where it is much cheaper to get a box of macaroni and cheese than a stalk of broccoli!  However, the American in me misses the macaroni and cheese…
  2. Doves are usually cute.  Especially these brown doves here that have interesting calls.  They are not so cute at 6:15 in the morning when they are making noise on your windowsill
  3. When you dust your furniture in Jordan, within a week enough dust will settle that it will look like no one has lived in your place for months.  I have not seen any cobwebs though!  And forget about your shoe shine job.
  4. Khubz taboun is addictive.  So is white jubne.  And all the various dips that you can eat with bread.
  5. Jordanians all have a major sweet tooth.  The chocolate here isn’t very good at all, though, unless you look for the slightly expensive imported stuff.  Sweets with sesame seeds in them are excellent, especially these thin sesame and honey cookies with pistachios in them, and these chewy sesame treats with dry rose petals on them.
  6. Olive trees are pretty.  There are a few pretty plants here, but I don’t know what some of them are yet.  There is a lime tree downstairs.  I’m not sure whether we’re allowed to pick the limes or not.  There are a lot of them that look ready to be picked.  I’ve seen fig trees around too.
  7. I’m far from being the only one whose doorbell sounds like a bird.
  8. There’s a road rage epidemic going around.  Glad I don’t drive!
  9. Dry heat really is much more bearable than humid heat.
  10. There are a lot of skin whitening products here, even though I haven’t really seen many Jordanians with dark skin.  Even if they are dark, what’s wrong with that?

7 responses to “Ten Interesting Things I Learned This Month


  2. mmmm, those sesame treats sound delicious. aunty zeb makes a variation of those but i don’t recall eating any with rose petals – how exotic!

  3. I travel with you to Jordan 🙂 thanks for sharing your observation.
    Number 8 is a worldwide phenomenon! I am also glad not to own a car.
    PPGG had an interesting post about Number 10!

  4. americanmuslim

    Interesting… I see a lot of similarities in life in Jordan and Iran from what you mention. I hope I get a chance to go to Jordan one day inshAllah.

  5. Those are Mourning Doves, and here is a poem about their call:


    Ya Haqq!

  6. Sorry (sort of) for raising you on the Kraft mac & chs–I still eat it tho a few times a year ( more if you were here).
    The dust sounds like here—only because I only dust when you and Broheme come to visit. Does the bird noise bother you more than the “bird clock” that goes off all the time here?
    I was talking to the friends yesterday and said how hot it was for you guys— They said ” ya, but it’s a dry heat”. Blaschke’s and Vandewalle’s aren’t from Aaman or Arizona so I think they were just trying to make your
    dad feel better.

  7. Assalamu Alaikum
    I’m back in Amman. Drop me an email! Would like to meet, inshaAllah. Hope you made it through the strange heat wave unscathed.

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