You betta recognize!


Hey. This is BG here, andI’ve got something to say. First of all, why did you call me BG? What’s wrong with “falcon slayer” or “valkyrie?” And then you baby-talk me in front of the mockingbirds! Now how do you expect me to get any respect around here?

And what’s this with changing my brand of food? I’m a bird of discriminating taste. So quit telling people I’m finicky, cause there’s a big difference! I have feelings too. I’m a sensitive bird. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that volume of William Birdsworth under the food bowl!

Now that you know I’m so cultured, why aren’t you taking me to Jordan with you? You don’t think I can handle it? And if anyone tries to quarantine me I’ll bite them! My beak’s nice and sharp from that cuttlebone. Come on, I fit in your purse, and I’ll be really quiet during the security check…”


Goodbye, BG. I’ll miss you!


4 responses to “You betta recognize!

  1. Awww, it is hard to leave your animals – worrying about will they really understand or will they even notice? I’ve had birds looking just like BG. One of them loved to talk to me, a few others just found me an annoyance (budgies are better in singles than in groups if you want them to interact with you rather than each other).

  2. Take him with you…oh, how could you;)

  3. aww. i can’t believe you’re gone. who is in charge of BG?

  4. BG is doing quite well and was a big hit with ZP. 🙂

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