Leave my backyard alone!

Ok, I know I live in an apartment, and the space behind my apartment is not technically my backyard, but…

I have a picky bird who leaves much of his bird seed behind.  So, when I change his bowl, I usually throw the leftover seed into the backyard so the birds outside can finish it.  I also keep a tray of food on the window sill.  Well, maybe because of all these seeds, I soon had some cool plants growing outside that my neighbors didn’t have.  Until someone from the apt complex came and sprayed them one day and they all died, as did my dreams of having a bird-seed garden.

Soon, the seeds attracted birds.  I have a couple of cute little house finches that come pecking around for seeds, and also a new pair of birds I hadn’t seen before.  After looking at bird pictures on the internet for awhile, I found that they were Brown Thrashers, which is actually the Georgia state bird.  They’re really pretty, and don’t seem to be as afraid of me as the finches are.  I’m hoping they build a nest in the bushes beside my window.


 Now, whenever someone comes to do yard work behind  my apartment, I’m always afraid they will scare off “my” birds!  I’ll just have to leave enough bird seed to guarantee that they will come back!


3 responses to “Leave my backyard alone!

  1. I love birds – I love having them in my yard. (I have some in my house too). I hope no one messes with the ones living in your yard.

  2. I love birds too, and have many different ones in my backyard: bluejays, cardinals, morning doves, finches, hummingbirds, robins, and some little birds that sing lovely songs, but I don’t know what they are… It is my joy to see them and hear their joyful calls and songs. Lifts my spirits, and I try to ‘talk’ to them… My garden is very small, but I make it cosy with a birdbath, windchimes, several bird houses, flowers, and a big, old apple tree which is actually two different types grafted into one, producing lovely, fragrant blooms of white and deep pink. It’s too bad that I don’t have a digital camera to take a picture of it and put it up on my blog so that you could see it… This tree attracts birds and all kinds of butterflies.

    warmest regards,
    ~Annamarie 🙂

  3. Otowi: So what do you have in your house?

    Verbena: Thanks for visiting. It sounds like you have a wonderful garden! I try to talk to the birds too, but my own bird doesn’t even listen.

    I think every bird in the apartment complex was in my back yard today. They must read my blog!

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