Musician Spotlight #2: Native Deen


All right, I know these guys don’t need much of an introduction for most of you.   Have you heard their latest CD, Deen you know?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out.  I like it because the songs are catchy, and they are a good reminder of the things we’re supposed to be doing, especially in “Small Deeds” and “Intentions.”  Check out the video for “Small Deeds” here.

I got to interview them at the ISNA convention, and they are very kind, humble young men, not to mention talented!  You can hear some of their songs at their myspace and their main website.  But seriously, go ahead and get the album!


One response to “Musician Spotlight #2: Native Deen

  1. Wakin’ up in the morning (mornin’),
    gotta make my praaaaa–aaaayer

    Love them!

    Really like their songs on Yusuf Islam’s Night of Remembrance CD, because they are live and their songs are terrific. Especially “Hellfire” I sent that CD to my non Muslim sisters and they love it, too.

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