What I will and will not miss

Things I will miss when I go to Jordan

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. Driving.  I enjoy driving and find it relaxing.  With the windows down.  But I have no desire to drive in Jordan.  That would not be relaxing at all.
  4. Shopping without being followed closely around the store by the workers
  5. My bathroom.  For once, I have a really great bathroom.  It has a nice tub, a huge mirror with great lighting, and two sinks.  And instant hot water.
  6. My books.  Books weigh a lot.  I won’t be able to take too many along. 
  7. The library.  I don’t know if it will be difficult or not to find books in English.  I have a huge mental list of books I want to read when my thesis is done, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find them there.  Or places like Barnes & Noble where I can sit and read.
  8. My red-orange suede jacket.  And probably the matching lipstick.  People tend to wear more subtle colors there. 
  9. No smoking signs that are actually obeyed.
  10. People minding their own business, for the most part.  I hear Jordanians can be nosy.
  11. Iron Chef.  I hope people start posting more episodes on YouTube!

Things I will NOT miss when I go to Jordan

  1. Having limited menu choices because the meat is not Zabiha.  But I will have to make sure my normally flexitarian diet doesn’t take a turn for the meaty.  Especially since I have a weakness for grilled lamb.  Especially if it’s a bit burnt around the edges!
  2. Having a hard time finding long dresses and long-sleeved shirts in the stores.  There are loads of nice dresses in Jordan.
  3. Not having a good Middle Eastern restaurant nearby!
  4. Expensive dry cleaning
  5. Forgetting my college Arabic because I have no one to practice with.  Hopefully I can also find a Farsi speaker and a Spanish speaker there!
  6. Lack of lessons to attend
  7. Having to work out with my arms and head covered if I want to use any kind of equipment.  Many gyms in Jordan have times when only women are allowed to be there.
  8. Having to plan my errands around prayer times, or having to pray in a fitting room.  Most shopping centers there have prayer areas.
  9. Being one of about ten hijabis in a small town, and people mixing me up with other hijabis when we don’t even look alike.

9 responses to “What I will and will not miss

  1. I hope you have a wonderful experience in travel and in Jordan. When are you going and for how long?

  2. when are you going? I’m going soon too insha’Allah

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,
    1. You will look just fine in orange. Subtle colors, I’m afraid, you won’t find in Jordan on the whole. In Kharabsheh, yes, but in greater Amman, break out your orange, sister!
    2. I speak Spanish. I’m rusty, but I speak Spanish and would love someone to chat with.
    3. If you want some crusty-burnt-around-the-edges lamb, there are plenty of folks who can hook you up.
    4. Shopping has improved a bit in the last five years, and there are more places you can go where the shopkeepers leave you alone. Hurrah!

    May Allah make this transition easy on you. Take care.

  4. I miss you already but I am hoping to be able to visit.

    Love You

  5. I know what you mean about being confused with other hijabis. All the time people are like OHHH did you live in the Highlands…”ummm nope not me…”oh… well do you know her? ” i dunno … whats her name?” (blank stare… they have no clue)
    Once this lady came running after this girl I know that lives out here asking her if she was me… and when my friends said no she said oh… well can I have a ride anyway. So my friend thought I knew her and maybe I give her a ride sometimes. I had NO clue who she was.. and I never give ANYONE a ride she just saw me at my job.

  6. bon voyage and happy trails! can’t wait to read the food entries for jordan!

  7. May Allah bless your journey, dear Sister, and guide your safe return 🙂 I think Sunni Sister is also in Jordan. Check her blog.

    Ya Haqq!

  8. salaamz

    i didn’t know you were going to Jordan. How awesome!

    we all want more info…this is for a project or language study or research for your thesis?

    be sure to try fa’oos (faqoos), it is this ribbed cucumber-ish veggie that is pickled. i got addicted to them.

    so more info please and do let us know your impressions of your stay there. what a wonderful time to go, too. Jordan in the summer…lucky musical chef, mashallah!

  9. Salaams

    SubanAllah i just found your blog via umm zaid.
    InshaAllah I’ll be heading to jordan this year for about 9mths to a year. When are u heading out? Ill be living the 23rd getting there on the24th inshaAllah. Btw, am labinsky 🙂 inshaAllah well see each other there 🙂 take care and safe travels…

    Sr.Labinsky 🙂

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