Musician Spotlight #1: Dawoud Kringle

I wanted to do a series of spotlights on Muslim musicians, starting with the ones who were kind enough to allow me to interview them for my thesis.  Look for more in the next couple weeks!  I’m doing this to raise awareness of the variety of music that is out there, so maybe you will find something you like and support them!  Links to their sites can be found on my sidebar if you want to look for these artists later and listen to their music.  Also, if you like what you hear, be sure to spread the word!

Dawoud Kringle is a sitarist and guitarist who composes his own music, a fusion of Eastern and Western styles he calls “Mystic Jaz.”  Some of his compositions are purely instrumental; others incorporate socially and/or spiritually conscious lyrics.  Dawoud incorporates musical techniques from around the world, and also developes different styles on the sitar.  He has created a sitar synthesizer, as well, which he uses in his music.  You can listen to tracks from his new album, Renegade Sufi here and here.  You can read his full biography on his website, and some articles on his blog as well.  Dawoud has also written a book on the musical history of Islam, which is unpublished (although I wish he would publish it!), and is a part-time Imam at the New York City Department of Corrections.


3 responses to “Musician Spotlight #1: Dawoud Kringle

  1. Interesting thesis!

    I noticed you had 786 on your roll. They are quite an interesting group. They visited Sweden I think it was 2 years ago, for a muslim youth conference. Very popular over here. Just briefly chatted with them. Their second album didn’t do as well as the first here though.

  2. Dawoud is an old online friend, and a consummate book reviewer for also, including for Master of the Jinn. He is also a marvelous musician. A good choice 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  3. I am glad you post where to get clips because I would NEEEEVER have known anything like that existed. It is pretty neat. I already know who I am going to buy the CD for


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