Anti-Wudhu Faucets

Isn’t it obvious that the people who invented those crazy faucets that you have to wave your hands in front of to make them work have never made wudhu in their lives?  Especially the ones where the soap dispenser is also the same way, so that when you go to wash your arms, your elbow goes in front of the soap and sets it off.  Same with the faucets that you press one time and the water goes for five seconds and then you have to press it again.  Especially when the hot and cold water come from separate faucets.  Those inventors should be required to make wudhu in those sinks before they market them!


3 responses to “Anti-Wudhu Faucets

  1. Those faucets save water, but you’re right, they’re no good for wudhu. I think the trick would be to bring a basin and fill it in the five seconds, then use that.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. hahaha so true. But they do save water as Br. Irving pointed out. It’s a pain but eh…

  3. lollll! You made me laugh out loud over here! I reckon we design some muslim friendly faucets and sinks.

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