Dawud Wharnsby Concert

Last week I went to a Dawud Wharnsby concert at Auburn University in Alabama.  Travel in Alabama is interesting.  First of all, the second i crossed the bridge into AL, the number of pickup trucks on the road suddenly doubled.  And there are a lot of pickups in Columbus, so that’s saying a lot.  And the streets aren’t labeled properly.  What’s up with that?  Do they WANT us to get lost?

Br. Dawud performed with Idris Philips, a pianist and guitarist.  This time, Br. Dawud played the guitar and Br. Idris played the biggest piano I’ve ever seen (he mentioned that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d performed on a nine-foot Steinway).  I sat in the front row, right in front of the mic.  Br. Dawud didn’t sing his overtly “Islamic” stuff this time; mostly just his folky stuff about life in general.  That’s mostly what’s on his new CD; you can hear some of the tracks on his myspace.  Especially check out “Antisocial;” it’s funny!

Br. Dawud was mobbed after the concert, but I got to meet Br. Idris.  I got Dawud Wharnsby’s new CD, The Poets and the Prophet.  It’s really good!  Just found his blog, by the way.


4 responses to “Dawud Wharnsby Concert

  1. I like his Prophet for profit song on the same album….

  2. ooooooh, thats cool. did you go by yourself. you know you shouldn’t be driving alone in Alabama. it’s creeeeeeeeeeepy!

  3. Hey now, I beg to differ. Ok ok, I know that maybe some parts of Alabama might be creepy, but you know, it is a very progressive sort of place, believe it or not. Where I’m from in Birmingham, we have one of the top Medical schools in the nation, which brings people from all walks of life to Birmingham, making it a hip and transient kind of community.

    Auburn started as an agricultural university and has turned into a pretty reputable institution of higher learning.

    Alabama has given us the likes of George Washington Carver (Tuskeegee) and let’s not forget the Commodores, Lionel Richie, et al. (also Tuskeegee) Helen Keller was from Alabama, as is Condoleeza Rice (but that’s nothing to brag about).

    Anyhow, my point is, yes, there are rednecks there. But there are also rednecks in Illinois and even in California. Heck, Central Florida boasts just about the scariest redneck population one could ever encounter.

    I have to defend Alabama. Sweet home….

  4. Yes, I’ve been to Birmingham. It has a great art museum!

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