Norouz Mobarak!

Somehow I always missed the Norouz (Iranian/Central Asian New Year) celebrations at Indiana University. For a couple years it was on the same day as the campus Eid party, and I was busy with that. Some years there was something else going on; I don’t remember what. Then I was commuting from Indianapolis and couldn’t justify heading to B-ton on a non-class day for a party. Anyways, I made Ash-e Reshteh last night. Well, the Vegetarian Times version of it (I think it usually has beef.  Way to put the Moo back in “Moo-barak,” VT!). It is an Iranian noodle soup traditionally served on Norouz. Enjoy!

Today I’ll be heading to Auburn University to see Dawud Wharnsby Ali insha’Allah. More on that after the concert!


2 responses to “Norouz Mobarak!

  1. hey got a new blog come see

  2. Thanks for the link to the Vegetarian Times. But this is not the Ash-Restheh recipe 🙂
    I just googled and there is a lot of entry about it:
    Happy Nowruz:)

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