Over the Hedge

RJ and Manny

I loved this movie! For one thing it was cute and hilarious. For another, it was a not-so-subtle critique of the greed and waste present in modern human society (even less subtle if you listen to the songs during the credits). The animals get a taste of it, and you see their way of life suffer for it. And the animation was phenomenal! Have any of you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it. Watch the special features, too. They talk about the comic strip this movie originated from, and they bring in the actual animals who “modelled” for the animators.

Over the Hedge is rated PG for some rude humor. The rude humor was definitely in there (bathroom type humor), but I thought the good message in the movie overpowered the “rudeness.”


2 responses to “Over the Hedge

  1. Such an excellent movie, isn’t it? My favorite part is near the end when the squirrel drinks all that Red Bull. Absolutely hilarious!


  2. I have to see this now! 🙂

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