Does anyone find it annoying when you are trying to read or study in the computer lab/reading area of Barnes & Noble/library, and there is this nutso talking to himself (yes, usually a guy in my experience), breathing loudly, reading to himself in a whisper, snorting a lot, or otherwise making annoying noises?  And then there is the person talking extensively on the cell phone about personal problems, again in the READING AREA, not the cafe.  Especially when there is a limited number of comfortable seats so you can’t just move and sit away from the noisy offender!


6 responses to “Shhh…

  1. You must be related to me, I always get the gum popping-snapping when I am shopping! My c0-worker talks to herself all the time and it is hard to concentrate. Me…. I just bad mouth my computer!

  2. Oh Gawd. I can’t stand those. But even worse are the online gamers who have their speakers on.

  3. Hey, was that you glaring at me when I was snorting and talking in a whisper to the Easter bunny sitting across from me? Didn’t you see him? huff puff, snort!

  4. HaHa, I wouldn’t have minded if he was giving out Cadbury Eggs!

    (I am now in the library with my laptop as people are talking away. Thank God for internet radio and headphones!)

  5. Okay, I’ve always wondered who went to Barnes & Noble to read anyway? I just don’t get it – going out some place to read?

  6. It’s when you want to read books (or magazines) that you don’t own! 😉

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