I’m not fat. I’m extra cool!

I went into Goody’s today, and I noticed that the plus size department for juniors was called “extra cool juniors!”  Does anyone besides me find that funny!  Sure, I understand that they are trying to build confidence among larger teens, but that just seems to be going a bit overboard.  Calls to mind the Weird Al video.


5 responses to “I’m not fat. I’m extra cool!

  1. Ha, what a marketing gimmick. Extra cool is the new extra large. So XXXL would be Triple extra cool, or the coolest lol

  2. how dumb. cool??? extra cool??? why not large and in charge or only dogs wanna bone?

    how dumb!

  3. hahaha, that is too funny mchef. by the way, what were you doing in the hefty juniors/ extra cool section? If husky is extra cool what would they call the petite section?

  4. Pint-sized Losers, i guess!

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