Love Them or Hate Them?

DVD’s.  What do you think?

Sure, they’re more compact than VHS, and you can view special features, or get to a certain part quickly.  But they scratch easily.  When I rent them or get them from the library, at least 50% of the time they either don’t work, or I have to skip a whole scene to get past a scratchy patch, or it freezes up the DVD player and I can’t do anything except eject it.

I think it’s time for another video-related invention.  Maybe it’s YouTube!


4 responses to “Love Them or Hate Them?

  1. I feel the same way! When I was obsessed with Alias, it would happen all the time. Maybe it’s b/c everyone has access to the ones at the library and they don’t feel obligated to keep it in great condition. the ones that you buy or have are probably in much better shape and great to watch!

  2. My husband had bought a 400 disc changer to store our dvd’s as little A kept getting intot the DVD collection. The door locks as well.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t lock itself and a shelf under the tv was a prime location for little A to get into the dvd changer and pull out most of the dvd’s – she even chewed some up.

    Long story short – we bought a motorized dvd cleaner and restorer, but it didn’t get the scratches out – we bought a manual one that has this grinding wheel on it and it works – almost every dvd even the ones with the teeth marks were restored.

    I use it all the time on my rental movies – which sometimes have been only a couple of days old and have scratches. I love this thing.

  3. I will have to try one of those dvd cleaners!

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